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Navigating eCampus 2.9

Site: eCampus
Course: Staff Help
Book: Navigating eCampus 2.9
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Date: Sunday, 25 February 2018, 3:42 PM

My Home Page

The eCampus log-in page you see when you go to is the same for everyone. You can explore the For Students and For Staff help pages without being logged in.

When ready to log-in simply pick the Home menu: Home menu.

Once you are logged-in, you will be shown your own "My home" page. The main areas are:

  1. Confirmation of log-in notice. Pick (Logout) to exit.
  2. eLearning Notification area where notices that are important for all users are displayed. For example, maintenance shutdown times will be shown here.
  3. All courses that you are enrolled in, whether as a teacher, non-editing teacher or student. Click the course name to enter the course.

Display of the eCampus homepage

ImportantNOTE: Once logged in, picking on the Home menu, the Dashboard breadcrumb at top of page or the Dashboard breadcrumb at the bottom of page will return you to this same screen.

You can not change the layout of this page.

The next Chapter explains how to use the hyperlinked breadcrumbs that appear at the top and bottom of every eCampus page to navigate.


At both the top and bottom of eCampus pages are 'breadcrumbs' that can be used to help you navigate. The first part of the breadcrumb is always 'Dashboard' and picking it will always return you to your Home Page.

When you are in a course the breadcrumb will update to show you where you are in the course and allow you to navigate to higher levels.

Below is an example of the Top breadcrumb shown when you are in a course called "How to Moodle 2 Showcase" viewing a Quiz activity called "Assessment and Reporting":

Example top breadbrumb

Below is an example of the Bottom breadcrumb shown when you are in the same course viewing the same Quiz:
example bottom breadcrumb

In both cases the breadcrumbs work in the same way. Picking on the underlined words (e.g. Dashboard, 2Moodle-Showcase, Quiz) will respectively take you to: your Home page, the front page of the How to Moodle 2 Showcase course, the starting page of the Quiz.

NOTE: the course name shown in the grey banner is the 'long name' set for the course. The course name shown in the breadcrumbs is the 'short name' set for the course.

Wherever you are on eCampus, the breadcrumbs will always update to show your current location. They can not be edited as they automatically show the names already used.

Site Menu

Wherever you are on eCampus a Site Menu will be displayed to let you navigate to key functions and places.

Site Menu

Click My Home to return to your Home page.

Click My Calendar to view a Calendar which you can place User events on that are visible only to you.

Click My Profile to view your eCampus profile and edit it if you wish. It is a good idea to add a profile picture so students can 'see' their Lecturer.

Click My Email to go to the Office 365 email log-in page. Staff do not have Office 365 email accounts but all students do, so this link is mostly for student use.

Click My Messages to go to the internal eCampus messaging system where you can both read and send messages to other eCampus users.

Click My Files to go to a personal storage space on eCampus that only you have access to. If you use Moodle Mobile to photograph or record information this is where it will be stored.


When you log in to eCampus any unread messages will display in a grey pop-up box and the Welcome message will tell you there is an unread message.

Example message notification

This is an example of the message notification shown on log-in. Clicking on messages will take you to the area where you can read and respond.

Below is an example of how the message will 'pop-up' in eCampus. Click Go to messages to respond or Ignore to remove the alert and keep working. The next time you log-in the alert will again appear, until you have gone to messages and read it.

Sample message pop-up alert

NOTE: Any message sent to you will also be sent via email to your account's email address (which should be your staff email address).

Navigating in a course

While breadcrumbs will always be available for navigating to different pages on eCampus, to move around the different topics (or sections) of a course you can use the 'Table of Contents' block. It only appears when you are in a course. An example is shown below.

Default TOC Menu

When a course is first set up, by default it has 10 empty Topics (or Weekly sections). Normally, eLearning will import a template for you (topic or weekly) which will provide you with guidance for how to set up your eCampus course.

The Table of Contents lists whatever the topic names are... so in a brand new course Topic 1, Topic 2, etc. If the template is imported Enter qualification name, Welcome, Delivery and Assessment Plan etc.

Clicking on the topic names in the Table of Contents takes you to that section of the course (in the same way a bookmark would in a Word document).

Sample Table of ContentsIf you wish to alter these section headings [Turn editing on] and edit the Topic names to reflect the structure of your course.

In the pictured example there are 7 main sections, after the banner 'Certificate II in Small Business' finishing with a topic called 'Final Congratulations'.

You do not need to do anything to the Table of Contents, it will automatically update to reflect whatever the names are your give the sections of your course.