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Navigating eCampus 2.9

My Home Page

The eCampus log-in page you see when you go to is the same for everyone. You can explore the For Students and For Staff help pages without being logged in.

When ready to log-in simply pick the Home menu: Home menu.

Once you are logged-in, you will be shown your own "My home" page. The main areas are:

  1. Confirmation of log-in notice. Pick (Logout) to exit.
  2. eLearning Notification area where notices that are important for all users are displayed. For example, maintenance shutdown times will be shown here.
  3. All courses that you are enrolled in, whether as a teacher, non-editing teacher or student. Click the course name to enter the course.

Display of the eCampus homepage

ImportantNOTE: Once logged in, picking on the Home menu, the Dashboard breadcrumb at top of page or the Dashboard breadcrumb at the bottom of page will return you to this same screen.

You can not change the layout of this page.

The next Chapter explains how to use the hyperlinked breadcrumbs that appear at the top and bottom of every eCampus page to navigate.