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Adding and Managing Books 2.9

1 Creating books

The Book resource allows you to create multiple pages within one object. Benefits include:

  • Lays information out in a user friendly way
  • Generates an automatic Table of Contents to navigate it
  • As made of web pages can directly edit (rather than edit offline and upload)
  • Can import existing web pages into a book
  • Can convert Word documents into web pages and import
  • Can create sub-chapters
  • Print option allows full page printouts of Chapters

NOTE: Books are not intended for large multi-page documents. Still best to use PDF for these.

Step 1: Enter your course and turn editing on.

Step 2. Go to the topic/week you wish to add the book to and click Add an activity or resource

Select the Book resource and click [Add] as pictured:

Add Book

A new screen will appear where you now need to enter the settings for the book.

Step 3: Name your book and enter a description,in the General settings. Scroll to bottom to [Save Changes].

Add Book Settings


General settings

Name*: Title of your book. Appears on the course page and as the main heading when viewing the book contents.

Description: Enter an optional description of your book. This appears below the book on the course page, but only if Display description on course page is ticked also. Otherwise it is not visible.


Formatting Chapters

Chapter Formatting can be None, Numbers, Bullets or Indented in the Table of Contents.

Default numbers are 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, ...

Custom titles allow Chapter headings to differ in Book from in ToC, e.g. the Chapter titles won't display above the book page.

Restrict Access settings

A range of options to restrict access by time, grade conditions or specific user. To open the access restrictions:

  1. click the 'Add Restriction' button in the Restrict Access drop-down menu. Button to add a restriction
  2. Click on the option/s you wish to restrict.
  3. Conditions may be set in which restrictions are activated or not activated

Options for activating a restriction.

Save and return to course

Save and return to course

Example Book

With Description and restrictions added  

An example of a book with a description and restrictions

: Content for your book is added by adding a chapter. See the next screen for instructions on how to do this.