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Activities and Resources 2.9

Activities and Resources

You can add a range of activities and resources to your course topic.

  • Activities contain items that students can do. They allow student interaction or participation, and can support collaborative learning and teaching. They may be graded or ungraded.
  • Resources contain content and information that students can view or download.

If you would like to see some examples of these resources you can have a look at the eCampus course How to Moodle 2 Showcase. The password for guest access it "Showcase" - this is case sensitive. 

To add an activity or resource you need to [Turn Editing On], go to the topic/section you wish to have the resource in and select + Add an Activity of Resource. 

Here is what you will see:

eCampus Resources

To create one of these, just tick the circle next to the desired resource and click [Add].

See the following sub-chapters for brief explanations of each.

Clicking on any option will display a description of what it is used for on the right side of the dialog.