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System Requirements (2016)

System Requirements (2016)

System Requirements

If you are new to online learning then you should have a close look at this section. It provides information on essential requirements for your computer and how to navigate your way through the eCampus.

Browser Support

ECampus works with most popular browsers.

Please note: Some functions may not work with some browsers.

Browser settings

    1. Enable cookies
    2. Install the latest Java and enable JavaScript.
    3. Enable popups. Installed toolbars (e.g., Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask) on your browser can act as pop-up blockers. Ensure that blocking feature of these toolbars (if installed) are disabled when using the eCampus.

The table below lists the supported browsers and links, where to download and how to configure their settings

Browser DownloadCookiesJavaPop-ups

Firefox 25 or later (Recommended)

Enable Cookies

Enable Java

 Enable Pop-ups

Internet Explorer 9 or later

(IE 10 required for drag and drop of files)

Enable Cookies

Enable Java  Enable Pop-ups
Google Chrome 30 or later

Enable Cookies

Enable Java  Enable Pop-ups
Opera 9 or later

Enable Cookies

Enable Java  Enable Pop-ups

Safari 6 or later

Enable Cookies

Enable Java

Copy paste this URL for enabling popup instructions:


The computer you use must be capable of displaying the eCampus site with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels

Internet Access

You should be accessing your online course through a broadband network. You can use a dial-up modem, but if some of the resources you need to use are large it will take some time to download them.

Plug-ins and Viewers

As you will be working with word processed documents, spread sheets, PowerPoint presentations etc, you need to have applications similar to those from the Microsoft Office suite. If you don't you can download viewers for these types of documents from the Microsoft home-site.

Please note that these are only viewers you can only read the documents and not change or save them.

Free Plug-ins

Your Lecturer may also include resources that require plug-ins, such as PDF documents and Flash Animations. You can download the following plug-ins for free:

  1. Adobe® Flash™ Player
  2. Adobe® Reader™
  3. QuickTime®

Additional software may be required for your course. Please contact your lecturer if you have any questions or concerns.