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Grading an assignment 2.9

Grading an assignment

How to grade assignments

You can get to an assignment to do grading by:

  • clicking on it's name in the Gradebook
  • clicking on the Assignment activity on the course page
  • clicking on the hyper-link in the notification email alerting you to a student's submission (if Notify graders about submissions is set to yes in the assignment settings)
  • clicking on the Assignment name in the Grade Me block on your dashboard

In all cases you will be directed to the Assignment submission page. e.g.

View/grade an assignment

  1. Select View/grade all submissions
  2. A new screen appears showing all students and their current submission status. See below for an example.

View/grade an assignment screen

  1. Scroll horizontally to see the actual work submitted. Depending on the way you set the assignment up there may be Online text, uploaded files and submission comments.
    NOTE: If you are using groups to separate classes, you can select the specific group you want to grade, removing others from the display, from the 'Separate groups' droplist at the top.

    See below for an example.

View/grade an assignment screen

To actually mark the submission you have two options:

Option 1. Turn on Quick grading which lets you select a value in the Grade column for each student on the current screen.
Option 2. Go to the Grade screen where you can concentrate on individually marking one student at a time, including entering Feedback.

See the sub-chapter for explanations of both.

Download submissionsNOTE: You can download all file submissions so that you can view and mark submitted work 'off-line'. i.e. from your computer or tablet rather than online across the Internet.

To do this use the Download all submissions option from the Assignment Administration block shown on the left side of screen. You will be prompted to open or save a ZIP file. You can save this to a hard drive or USB, where you can then extract all the submissions and mark independently of eCampus.