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Using My Private Files

1 My Private Files

For learning resources you wish to use in multiple courses, upload them into My Private Files in eCampus; there are a number of benefits to this:

  • Your central personal file space on eCampus for storage (not accessible by others)
  • Files can be linked (aliased) to multiple courses, saving space.
  • Updating original files that are aliased in 'My Private Files' updates them automatically in courses.
  • Deleting files from 'My Private Files' does not risk deleting them from courses.

Accessing My Private Files

  1. Log in to eCampus            showing logged in status to eCampus
  2. On the Dashboard page go to Site Menu > My Files 

Link to My Private Files on Site Menu

This is where you upload, organise and manage files to use in courses.

Note there is a 30MB file size limit.

If you prepare files for online use correctly you can store a lot.

Whenever you add a resource in a course you will have access to in "My Private Files".

Importing Files

NOTE: See Moodle Mobile help on the Student Help page to find out how to take images, photos, audio or video on your Mobile Phone and have automatically uploaded to My Private files.