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Using Office 365

There are two groups of users who may wish to access Office 365. 

  • Students will need to use Office 365 in 2016 to be able to store their work (private drives are being abolished) and to receive important information from South Metropolitan TAFE via their Office 365 email accounts.
  • Lecturing and GOSAC staff may wish to access Office 365 accounts to provide support and training to students and so they can educate themselves about Office 365 features.

Student Office 365 access

Students may access Office 365 via:

  • the student MyTech portal
  • eCampus, once logged in

Via eCampus

To access Office 365 via eCampus, once you are logged in, simply select My Email from the Site Menu. There is help on logging in to eCampus on the For Students help tab at the top of the screen.

The highlighted link will take the user to the Office365 email login

Via MyTech

MyTech is the central portal for all students to access information including events and announcements, emails, contact details and other useful links. To access MyTech:

  1. In a web browser enter
  2. Your username is the Student ID South Metropolitan TAFE provided when you enrolled e.g. 13#######.
    Your password (by default) is "Poly" followed by your date of birth in a DD/MM/YYYY format. For example if you were born on the 22nd March 1987, your password would be 
    NOTE: if you are a continuing student and have altered your password it should be the same.

MyTech login screen

Once logged in to MyTech a series of 'groupings' or 'windows' appear with links to support services, study options and various announcements. There is also a grouping called MY EMAIL that provides a general overview of email you have received including subject title, sender and date it was sent. Emails received in this section can only be opened in Office 365 through the link highlighted in the red circle below.

Overview of emails received with a highlight link to open Office365

For more information on how to login to the Office365 email, please see the Logging into student Office 365 chapter 

Lecturer/GOSAC Office 365 access

Lecturers and GOSAC staff may wish to access Office 365 and other student tools such as MyTech to be able to assist their students, particularly now many student functions are restricted to operating via MyTech and Office 365. To enable this you need to have an active South Metropolitan TAFE student account. You may get one of these by:

  • being enrolled in a PWA course that requires you to have a student ID (e.g. LLN or TAE training via LDU)
  • requesting a student login from the eLearning Helpdesk. We can add your name to a roll set up for this purpose at $0 cost, which will keep your student account active until 2020.

Once you have an active Polytechnic student account you can access Office 365 and MyTech in the same ways as explained above for students.

To check if you have a student account, or request one, click this Student Account Request link.


Office 365 Access via South Metropolitan TAFE website

Students and Lecturers with student accounts can access their Office 365 accounts from outside the MyTech Portal and eCampus by using the South Metropolitan TAFE Website. From the main page hover the mouse over the Current Student tab. In the drop down menu that appears click on the Student Email (Office 365) link as shown in the yellow box for the image below.

Accessing Office 365 from the front South Metropolitan TAFE website

NB: alternatively in a web browser go to:

For more information on how to login to the Office365 email, please see Logging into student Office 365 chapter.