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Using the Check list plugin 2.9

1 Creating a checklist

The checklist module allows a teacher to create a checklist / to-do list / task list for their students to work through. The checklist may be of manually entered items or it may be an automatically created list of activities existing in the current course. Examples of checklists may include:

  • Progress list of activities students need to complete to finish a course
  • Checklist of items required to bring to class
  • Listing of equipment required for an assessment

Creating a checklist

Turn editing on

button to turn editing on

In the topic section where you want to create a checklist, click the +Add an activity or resource.

Click on "Add an activity or resource" to add a checklist

Click on the Checklist activity and then press Add when finished.

adding the checklist activity


Checklist*: In the this field, give your checklist a name.

Introduction*: Enter a description of the checklist

General settings of the checklist activity


Users can add their own items: can be set to either Yes or No

Updates by: gives permission to either students, teachers or both update the checklist.

Add due dates to the calender: adds due dates for assessments or activities to the calendar. Can be set to either Yes or No

Teacher can add comments: can set whether or not teachers can add comments to checklist items.

Maximum grade: sets the maximum grade of the checklist.

Email checklist when complete: sets who can receive an email upon completion of the checklist. By default, all teachers and non-editing teachers will receive an email. Students can also be set to receive an email.

Show course modules in checklist: can be set to show a checklist for either the current section where the checklist was added or for the whole course.

Check-off when modules complete: can be set to automatically track the students progress through the section or course module. It is possible for the progress tracking to be overridden if student's attempt is complete or incomplete.

Lock teacher marks: sets whether or not the teachers marks for checklist activities are final.

advanced settings for checklists

Common module settings

You can set up checklists for specific groups of students.

common module settings for checklist activities

Once you finish, press Save and return to course

button to save and return to course