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Using the Check list plugin 2.9

2 Using the checklist

Using a checklist

Go to the topic section where you have added the Checklist activity and click on the title.

locating the checklist in the topic

In the Checklist activity, the teacher can mark off activities that the students have done. Students may also mark off their own activities if given permission to do so. There are 3 tabs that are visible once inside the activity:

tabs for viewing or editing the checklist

Preview: Preview the contents of the checklist

View Progress: View the actions that students or teachers have taken in regards to this activity. 

Edit checklist: Add new activities to the checklist, hide or change the text colour of the activities.

Preview tab

previewing the activity checklist

To view the activity that has been done / needs doing, you can click on the blue arrow link (link to a checklist activity) next to the activity in the checklist.

View Progress tab

This tab allows teachers to view the progress of the student activities and how long they have been present in the activity.

the Checklist tab for viewing student progress

Edit Checklist tab

This tab allows users to update the contents of the checklist. They can choose to add an activity, hide an activity or change the text colour for the checklist.

tab for editing the contents of a checklist