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How to create a backup file of your course

Create a backup file

You will need to be assigned as a lecturer in the course in order to have access to these options.

Step 1: Enter the course you wish to backup and click "Backup" under the administration block:

Step 2: Tick all boxes except for "IMS Common Cartridge 1.1". The box "include enrolled users" will backup student data. The eCampus course will always have this anyway however if you're making significant changes to the assessments then this will keep a copy of the assessment as it was delivered to those students. Once you have ticked the boxes please click "Jump to final step".

Step 3: Your course will now backup. Depending on the size of the course this could take on average between 15-60 seconds . Click "continue".

Step 4: After you click continue, you will be taken to your private backup area.

  • Here you will see the backup file you've just made. You see any previous backups you've done here as well.
  • Check the date and time to verify that it is the file you just backup
  • Click download and this will save the file to your computer. 
  • Find where the file has been stored (e.g.My Downloads) and store in portfolio section drive
    (you wont be able to open the file)

The file will appear as an mbz file.

Please store in a file under your portfolio section drive.

This file can be restored if needed.


You will not be able to open the file once you have downloaded it. This file type can only be used to restore the course in eCampus.