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Electronic note taking on a PDF workbook

1 Electronic Note taking

Adobe PDF ReaderMany of your resources on eCampus will be provided to you in PDF format. This is because Portable Document Format (PDF) is widely supported by all operating systems. It can be read on standard desktop computers as well as mobile devices.It is the best way for your lecturer to make sure everyone can read the information they have uploaded.

PDF is so widely accessible because Adobe maintain a product called Adobe Reader, which is FREE for anyone to download. They produce a software application and an app. PDFs are also a non-editable format, so documents saved as PDF are not able to be altered by anyone that reads them (generally speaking).

However, we all want to be able to add our own notes on documents. If it is a workbook we may need to fill in answers or complete activities. We may just want to jot down some notes to help remember something related - or highlight parts of the document to help us remember and be able to easily locate them. If you are printing out PDFs to do this, you:

  • waste your time, paper and print resources
  • prevent yourself being able to electronically search the document
  • may lose your notes
  • won't be able to refer to them if you have left them at home/work/etc.

The solution is to learn how to electronically note take! The easiest way to do this is to use the Adobe Reader. See the following pages on Adobe Reader for how to use this free tool. You can either download it onto a desktop PC or you can get the free App for use on mobile devices.