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Videos content on eCampus

Explains how to view ClickView videos in eCampus courses.

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Book: Videos content on eCampus
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Date: Sunday, 25 February 2018, 3:49 PM

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Videos in eCampus courses

Video content on eCampus may be embedded in the course, relayed from YouTube or it may be a vLearn or ClickView video (provided  via Library services).

ClickView PlayerClickView® videos

ClickView is a "Video library" that PWA pays an annual subscription for to allow  use of video content under Part VA of the Copyright Act. It allows lecturers to have video content uploaded to a safe place where it can be viewed in any classroom, by using the ClickView Player on your desktop (as shown) or from anyone's computer that has Internet access, off campus.

When viewing on-campus ClickView may ask you for an IP address; type Clickview1 into the box.

If ClickView asks you to log in to a website use the following details:

ImportantClickView videos, when viewed off campus, require a log-in. To simplify access the Library has set up a generic account all students may use.

Use these details - you can copy and paste them to log in to

Password: PWAstudent

Please speak to staff at your Campus Library if you have difficulties.

Note that the library does also have DVD videos for hire. See the Library Catalog instructions on searching the database and further information.