Navigating eCampus 2.9

Navigating in a course

While breadcrumbs will always be available for navigating to different pages on eCampus, to move around the different topics (or sections) of a course you can use the 'Table of Contents' block. It only appears when you are in a course. An example is shown below.

Default TOC Menu

When a course is first set up, by default it has 10 empty Topics (or Weekly sections). Normally, eLearning will import a template for you (topic or weekly) which will provide you with guidance for how to set up your eCampus course.

The Table of Contents lists whatever the topic names are... so in a brand new course Topic 1, Topic 2, etc. If the template is imported Enter qualification name, Welcome, Delivery and Assessment Plan etc.

Clicking on the topic names in the Table of Contents takes you to that section of the course (in the same way a bookmark would in a Word document).

Sample Table of ContentsIf you wish to alter these section headings [Turn editing on] and edit the Topic names to reflect the structure of your course.

In the pictured example there are 7 main sections, after the banner 'Certificate II in Small Business' finishing with a topic called 'Final Congratulations'.

You do not need to do anything to the Table of Contents, it will automatically update to reflect whatever the names are your give the sections of your course.

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