Adding and Managing Books 2.9

1 Creating books

1.1 Adding a Chapter to a book

Adding a book does not add content to it. This is a second step where Chapters (essentially pages) and sub-chapters are added.

Add Content

Click on the Book name to open the Edit Chapter Screen where you can add content.

click on the the title to add or edit a chapter

Editing Chapter

Chapter Title:  Type your Chapter title. This will appear in the ToC.

Content: Type your page content in here.

As well as adding text, you can also add images, tables and hyperlinks as you can in a page.

Editing Chapter ToC

Once complete Save changes  Button used to save or cancel changes

A Block with the ToC

The page displays and the Table of Contents (ToC) block is turned on.

the arrows in the red circle are used to navigate chapters

Navigation arrows are automatically added to the top and bottom of book pages.

Use the ToC editing icons to:

  • Edit Page Symbol for editing a page
  • Delete Page Symbol for deleting a page
  • Toggle hide / show page Symbol for toggling a page as visible or hidden.
  • Add another page Symbol for adding a new page

Additional Chapters / sub chapters

Use the + icon to add additional pages.

Once there is more than one page, a "Move" icon becomes available for reordering individual chapters / pages.

Table of Contents with an additional chapter added

When Editing a Chapter, tick the Subchapter check box to make it a sub-page of the previous Chapter.

Chapter Title

See Chapter and Sub-chapter ToC displays with editing on and off respectively.

Table of Contents with editing turned on Table of Contents with editing turned off

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