Adding and Managing Books 2.9

1 Creating books

1.2 Editing a Chapter

Turn editing on  button to turn editing on 

Click on the edit icon (Button to open book editing options) next to the book.

 Edit drop dropbox with Edit Settings highlighted

On the Administration panel you will see the following Book Administration options (see image below)

Administration block with Book Administration actions

  • Edit Settings: Lets you alter the original settings used to make the book.
  • Locally assigned roles: Lets you select whether students and non-editing teachers can also make parts of the book (collaborative).
  • Permissions: Lets you select what roles can perform different actions in the book.
  • Check Permissions: Check for enrolled students and their permissions 
  • Filters: Lets you turn on / off auto-linking features to Glossary, Activity names and Multimedia plugins.
  • Logs: Lets you list all user activities regarding books.
  • Import Chapter: Allows you to drag and drop or browse to upload ZIP files containing HTML pages to automatically generate a book.
  • Print Book: Opens the entire book in a pop-up window to allow you to print the entire book.
  • Print Chapter: Opens the current chapter in a pop-up window to allow you to print the current chapter.
  • Turn editing off: disabling you from making further edits until the Editing mode is turned back on.

[Save and return to course] once the editing has been completed.

 Buttons to Save and return to the course or the display

See following instructions to convert a Word document into a ZIP for uploading using Import Chapter to quickly create a book.

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