Adding and Managing Books 2.9

1 Creating books

1.4 Convert Word to Book

Below is a step-by-step example of converting a Word document into a Book.

Step 1 Open the Word document you want to convert in Microsoft Word

An open word document on editing resources

Step 2 Start by “splitting” your document up into multiple Microsoft Word files by cutting and pasting each section you wish to be a separate Chapter into a new document. Save the files with names that will be easy for you to remember.

  • Make sure docx format is used.
  • Make sure to compress images in each file.

WARNING: file names must NOT include spaces!

In this case resulting files were:

  • EditResource
  • RenameResource
  • MoveResource
  • DuplicateResource
  • DeleteResource
  • ShowHideResource

Step 3 Open each individual Word file and click: File > Save As

Saving the Word document/s for importing

Step 4 In the save dialog set (at the bottom) alter Save as Type:  to Web page (*.htm; *.html) and press [Save]

Step 5 Repeat for each Word file.

A file of the same name with .htm extension will  be created for each, along with a folder of the same name_files.


ZIP .htm + folder for all created documents by:

Step 6 Select both file and folders, right-click and choose JZIP > Add to <name>.zip

NOTE: Hold <CTRL> key to pick multiple files.

Choosing files for Zipping

Step 7 Now login to your eCampus course and Turn editing on  button for turning editing on

Step 8 Click on the Edit drop-down menu next to the book you wish to import Chapters into and choose Edit settings Drop-down menu to edit settings

NOTE: Book Administration appears under the Administration Block on left side.

Step 9 Click Import Chapter to bring up Import screen.

Book Administration (with Import Chapter highlighted)

Step 10 Pick & drag the newly created ZIP into the file field.Import options

Step 11 Choose [Import]

button used to import

As long as the ZIP file is correctly constructed you will see the following:Confirmation of importing

If there are incorrect file types (e.g. Word documents) in the ZIP it will tell you Chapters can’t be found.

Step 12 Click [Continue]

The Table of Contents will be generated and the content of each .htm page, including images will be displayed.Unzipped contents of a ToC page

NOTE: you can then use the EDIT icon to edit each page independently: ToC when word file has been unzipped

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