Adding and Managing Books 2.9

2 Moving a book

To move a book:

Step 1 Turn editing on  

Step 2 Click the move icon (Icon for moving an object) next to the page and keep holding your mouse button down. Move Icon located on left side of book

Step 3 When your cursor has changed to the move icon (Icon for moving objects), drag the book link up or down to the designated location. A "ghost" of the book will be displayed, as pictured below, so you can be confident of where you are relocating the book to.

the effect moving the book

 Either Zoom out (press Ctrl and move your mouse wheel) when you move files so you can see the whole page and avoid adding files accidentally to the wrong topic areas OR while in move mode press the [Pg Up] or [Pg Dn] buttons to navigate more quickly up or down the page.

To indent / move a book to the right:

Step 1 Click on the Edit drop-down menu next to the book and click the Move right icon .

NOTE: Each click indents the resource 30px. Use this to show "hierarchy" in a course, like you would use indents in 

Microsoft Word.

Book editing box (Move Right highlighted)

Once indented the left-indent arrow appears on the Edit drop-down menu:

Book Settings with Move Left highlighted

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