Adding and Managing Books 2.9

3 Hiding and Deleting a Book

Hiding a Book

Turn editing on button to turn editing on

To hide: 

Click the eye icon (Eye icon to toggle visibility) next to the page in the 'Edit' drop-down menu.

 Edit menu with 'Hide' highlighted

When your page is hidden, the eye will display as closed (Closed eye icon)

Edit meny with closed eye highlighted

Deleting a book

Turn editing on button to turn editing on

To delete:

Click on the delete icon (cross icon to delete) on the 'Edit' drop-down menu.

Edit menu with the Delete icon highlighted

An alert box will appear prompting you to confirm whether you want to delete the page.

Confirmation to delete book

Select [Yes]

WARNING: You can not undo a deletion so be confident that you do want to delete the book.

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