Using Moodle Mobile app

Setting up your mobile device

Assignment Submission: Photos Audio or Video

To submit photos (or other media) which you have already taken via the Moodle Mobile App, you need to login to the eCampus website.

For assignments click on your assignment activity and click [Add Submission].

You will only be able to follow these steps for assignments which allow file submissions. Also, your lecturer may have set a maximum number of files you can upload.

Once you click [Add Submission] you will come to this screen, from here click on the Add... icon

Add Submission

Once you click Add a dialog box called File Picker will appear. Here you will see a list of options which are: Recent Files, Upload a file, URL downloader, Private files and Wikimedia.

To upload files you created earlier with the Moodle Mobile App choose Private files.

Here is where you will find your photos and other media you uploaded!

Private Files Photos

Click on the photo/file you want to submit. The image information will open and you will need to click [Select this file] to add it to your submission.

You can do this as many times as your lecturer has allowed.

Once you have finished, click [Save changes]:

Save Changes

You are now ready to submit your assignment!

NOTE: If [Edit submission] is available you can continue to make further adjustments, even after leaving this submission page, up until you are ready to submit your work for marking.

Click Submit!

Click [Submit assignment]

You will be asked to agree to conditions of assessment as this action submits your work for marking and no changes can be made after this.

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