Using Moodle Mobile app

Setting up your mobile device

Quiz Submission: Photos Audio or Video

Quizzes may have files uploaded to Essay question types. 

To submit photos (or other media) which you have already taken via the Moodle Mobile App, you need to login to the eCampus website.

For quizzes click on your quiz activity and click [Attempt quiz now]. The quiz will begin and you will be presented with Question 1. If your lecturer has set the quiz question up to accept file uploads you will see an area where they are added, as in the image displayed below.

Quiz Essay Question

To upload from My Private Files you must use the Add... iconAdd File icon

A File Picker dialog appears from which you need to choose from the left side Private files

Add a file submission to a quiz essay question

Once you click the file you want to upload another dialog appears. Click [Select this file] to choose and it will be placed into the File submission area.  

File selected to submit

Choose [Save and continue] to save the uploaded file and any other data you have added.

REMEMBER once you have chosen [Submit all and finish] your work will be submitted for marking and you will not be able to make any further changes.

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