Grading an assignment 2.9

Grading an assignment

Individual or quick grading

Grading options 1 & 2

Option 1.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the grading table and choose "Quick grading" from the options.
  2. A box appears alongside each 'Grade pencil' in the Grade column.
  3. Enter required grades.

Quick grading option

Note the warnings.

Option 2.

  1. Click the pencil under the Grade heading in the appropriate row. If you pick the first student listed who has submitted, you will have the option to grade and [Save and show next] to move to marking the next student submission.

Grade option

  1. The Grade screen is displayed. See the image at the end of this page for an example. You are able to:
    1. Enter the grade
    2. Provide feedback comments
    3. Add feedback files (e.g. marked-up report) if you have selected this option when setting up the assignment.
    4. Enable a further attempt if required by changing "Allow another attempt" to Yes.
    5. Request to Notify the student so they are messaged to say the assignment has been graded. Feedback will be included with the notification.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and choose from the available options to save, save and move to next, or move back and forward through submitted assignments to find the one you are wishing to grade next.

ImportantNOTE: The example below was an assignment set up to be graded using the VET Assessment Scale, with Feedback comments and Feedback files enabled. The student was permitted to have two attempts, with the reattempt to be manually opened by the lecturer. If you have used different settings the Grade screen will be contextualised for them.

Grading screen

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