Grading an assignment 2.9

Grading an assignment

Turnitin submissions

Grading using Turnitin

If Turnitin has been enabled for the Assignment you can view an originality report for the student's submission. These are shown as a coloured box with a % value below the actual file submission.

NB: You can not use Turnitin with online Assignment text. The student work must be submitted as a file for a report to be generated.

Assignments with Turnitin enabled

In the image above a Turnitin submission is shown as "Pending". This is the standard display when a file has been submitted but the report not yet generated. In some cases (particularly resubmissions) it may take up to a day for the report to generate.

WarningSometimes a submission will become "stuck" in pending. You have a couple of choices in this situation:
* mark the submission without the benefit of the report
* if the file has been "Submitted for grading" use theĀ EditĀ option to revert to draft. Then ask either the student or eLearning to resubmit it for you
* if in Draft mode ask either the student or eLearning to Submit for grading.

In all cases, if this occurs, notify eLearning as they may need to get Turnitin Support to resolve the issue.

While Turnitin has a grading area when you view a report in the current eCampus configuration you must grade the assignment within the Assignment activity as shown in the previous pages.

For further information please see the Creating assignments (inc. Turnitin) Help document.

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