Using My Private Files

1 My Private Files

1.1 Uploading - Create folders

Files, Folders and ZIP files can be uploaded to My Private Files in various ways. It is easiest to create an organisational structure (folders) either on your hard drive before uploading, or in My Private Files and upload files into them. 

Warning: You can't move multiple files after they are uploaded.

CREATE folders

  1. click the Create Folder icon  icon to create a folder
  2. Type in name. Best to keep it short and avoid spaces.
  3. Click Create Folder           creating a folder
  4. Confirmation is the display of a folder.
  5. To add files, open the folder by clicking on it. The title bar alters to show which folder you in.

You can repeat the Create Folder process inside a folder (nesting).

folder added to My Private Files inside the Java folder

    6.  To Delete, move or Zip a folder for downloading, click on the small square icon at lower right of the Folder. 

Delete will trigger a warning that you will delete all contents of the folder.

Note: to Move, alter the Path by picking the drop-down arrow. 

editing a folder in "My Private Files

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