Using My Private Files

1 My Private Files

1.2 Uploading - Drag and Drop

DRAG & DROP files

Only files (which may be ZIP files) can be drag and dropped.

1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer and navigate to where you files/folders to upload.

A selection of folders to drag and drop

2. Arrange your screens / monitors so you can see both "My Private Files" and the folder and/or files to transfer

TIP: Right-click on Taskbar and choose Show windows side by side. 

dragging and dropping into "My Private Files"

3. Drag & Drop across individual files (folders won't work).

4. File is uploaded. Repeat until you have all the files you want.files that have been dropped into "My Private Files"

5. Press Save changes

button to save changes

Warning: Without Saving changes uploaded files are lost. 

6. Trial the display buttons to display files with different information. 

for displaying files

7. Click on a file to "see" content and management options.

  • Only ZIP files have the option to Unzip.
  • All files can be deleted.
  • All files can be downloaded
  • Rename in Name: box
  • Can alter Author
  • Can choose license (e.g. Creative Commons)
  • Can "move" by changing path.

options when opening a folder in "My Private Files"

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