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1 My Private Files

1.3 Uploading - ADD folders or files

It is often easier and faster to organise your files wanted for upload on your hard drive or USB before uploading to My Private Files. Benefits are:

  • Can create, arrange and name files and folders easily.
  • Can check you have all files for uploading at as small file size as possible.
  • Quicker to upload folders

NOTE: to upload a folder, it must be "zipped". All South Metropolitan TAFE PC's have jZip installed.

1. Click the Add file icon. icon to add a file

2. Moodle's standard File Pick screen appears.

The default option is the pictured Upload a file.

NOTEAll upload and file picker Moodle commands use this standard File Picker.

File Picker Screen

Recent Files: Shows up to the last 50 files you have uploaded

Upload a file: Lets you navigate to where a file is stored offline to upload.

URL downloader: type in the URL of an image (any type e.g. png, jpg) for copying into Moodle.

Private Files: Accesses the My Private Files area.

Wikimedia: Allows you to search Wikimedia and copy a selected file into Moodle.

3. Choose [Choose File] to upload offline files.

4. Navigate to where folders are.

5. RIght-Click folder and choose jZIP > Add to <folder name>.zip

The folder will be 'zipped' into a compressed file of the same name, appended on the end. Once done the new ZIP file will be displayed in the current folder.

how to zip a folder

6. Select ZIP file and click Open 

opening a zipped folder

7. In the Moodle File Picker box, select Upload this file 

button to upload a file

Note: If you don't enter a file name it will remain the same as the original.

8. The ZIP file is uploaded and displayed in My Private Files.

uploading a ZIP folder

9. Click the ZIP file to open a dialog where you can 'unzip' its contents by clicking Unzip.

Folder editing

10. Click on the ZIP file again and this time pick Delete to remove it. As you now have the folder with all contents the ZIP file is just taking up space.

11. You can upload as many files and folders as you have space. Displaying in FILE view will let you easily see what folders and files are available.file view

NOTE: You can click on any file in this view to move, delete, rename or download it.

12. Click Save changes to save your folders and files.

button to save changes

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