Using Office 365

Logging into Office 365

To access your student Office 365 and email account:

  1. Access the log in page: using whichever method you prefer (eCampus, MyTech, direct). The website pictured at the bottom of the page appears.
  2. For your User ID (where you are prompted for Email or phone), enter your student ID followed by:
    • Example:
  3. For your Password, use the same password you use to log into the computer network, My Tech or eCampus.
    • If you have never logged into the computer network before, your password will be your date of birth, preceded by Poly in the format: Polyddmmyyyy (e.g. 23 March 1990 will be Poly23031990).
  4. Click the [Sign in] button.

If you change your password on the student computer network or in Student Portal, your student email password will automatically update to match. Do not attempt to change your password in Office 365.

ImportantNOTE: You cannot reset your password from the Office 365 site "Can't access your account?" link even though it says that South Metropolitan TAFE will be contacted. This does not happen. 

To alter your password use the Password Manager, the Student Portal or alter it in the classroom.

Login to Office 365

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