Using Office 365

Office 365 automatically comes with an online version Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote as well as OneDrive for storing your work in the Cloud.

Accessing Word Online

After logging into Office 365, you will be taken to the main screen with student emails. 

To access Word Online, click on the Blue icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

Office 365 features menu

From the menu, click on Word Online as highlighted in the red box.

Where to find Word Online in 365 features menu

Word will then open with a set of templates that can be used immediately including resumes, checklists and other general documents.

Upon opening a new document Word Online will provide a sheet similar to the one found in desktop Microsoft Office programs.

Layout of a standard Word Online document

Saving a Word Online Document

Word Online will automatically save any documents you create or work on to cloud storage. However, it is recommended you manually save your work in different iterations to maintain backups and allow version control. This can assist in avoiding loss or corruption of information by overwriting.

To save your document as a different name (e.g. name_v1, name_v2) go to File > Save As > Save As. 

Saving a new document

You will be give a pop-up box where you can give your document a new title.

giving the saved document a new name

Once you have finished re-naming you new document, press Save. Your document will then be saved to your OneDrive folder (which will be discussed in a later chapter). Once you have finished saving the document, you may continue to edit the document or close the page.

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