Using Office 365

Office 365 automatically comes with an online version Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote as well as OneDrive for storing your work in the Cloud.

OneDrive provides 1 Terabyte of cloud based storage. Work stored in OneDrive will be able to be accessed from any location you can access the Internet. However, this does NOT reduce the importance of taking backups of important work for you studies, as files in OneDrive may be accidentally deleted or corrupted just as on any storage space.

WARNING: South Metropolitan TAFE recommends you backup all important work for TAFE on your home computer or USBs to avoid potential loss or corruption. Your lecturers will not accept loss of electronic data as an excuse for not submitting assignments as it is expected you should know how to protect important electronic data.

Accessing 365 OneDrive

After logging into Office 365, you will be taken to the main screen with student emails. 

To access OneDrive, click on the Blue features located at the top left corner of the screen.

Accessing the features of Office 365

From the menu, click on OneDrive as highlighted in the red box.

Accessing OneDrive from the features menu

The OneDrive screen will display all the files that have currently been saved. This will include any documents that have been saved automatically.

Layout of the OneDrive page

Creating a file using OneDrive

OneDrive allows you to share files or folders that have been created or uploaded. To create a new document from OneDrive, click on New then select any of the following options: Word Document, Excel workbook, Powerpoint presentation, OneNote notebook and create a new folder.

creating a new file/folder from OneDrive

 After selecting an option above, a new file will be created (see instructions on how to set up and save in relevant chapter.)

Uploading files using OneDrive

To upload files from a hard drive or USB to OneDrive: click on the Upload box at the top of the OneDrive panel. You will be given the option to upload a File or Folder.  

Using the Upload feature of OneDrive

Uploading a file will open My Computer to browse for files to upload. Once you have selected a file to upload press Open and the upload process will begin.

The file about to be uploaded

Once the upload is complete, you will receive a brief notification in the top-right corner of the OneDrive screen.

The notification that an upload is successful

The uploaded file appears below.

The file that has just been uploaded

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