Using Office 365

Sharing documents on OneDrive

To share documents that you have uploaded onto OneDrive, select the file that you wish to share by ticking the circle on the left side of the file name. The file and the tick-circle you have selected will subsequently turn blue.

Picking a file to share

After you have selected the file there are two ways in which you can share the file. You can press the Share button at the top of the OneDrive screen. 

The method of sharing a file 

Alternatively, once you have selected a file you can hover over the selected file and press the Right Mouse Button and select Share from the drop-down menu.

 2nd method of sharing a file using the drop-down menu

information Please note that you can only share one file or folder at a time in order for this feature to work.

Once you have clicked 'Share' you will adjust the settings of who you can share it with and what the people can do with the shared file.To share with a person, enter their name if you have the person on your contact list. However, if you do not have the person on your contact list, you may enter their email instead.  To the left of the contact bar, there is a drop-down box to adjust how the shared file can be used:

Can edit: allows the contact to make and save changes to the document.

Can view: Opens the document as a read-only, it can be saved but no changes are allowed. 

Adjusting the settings for the file share

An option personal message box is situated below to offer explanation about the document being shared. Once you have finished adjusting the settings, press Share to finish the process.

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