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Formatting Text

Text Styles

Format Options

There are various options for you to format your text.


When typing general text, use the Paragraph options. It is very important, for accessibility reasons, to make sure you use the appropriate Heading for headings/titles and to use "Paragraph" when typing in general paragraph text.
Remember, a single page should only have 1 heading entered in the Heading 1 style, as that should be the main heading for the page. On this page "Format Options is in Heading 1.

Using the Address format provides formatting that places lines close together and italicises them (as you would for an address). See an example below:

111 Nowhere Place
Somewhere WA 6999

Preformatted text appears as shown below:

preformatted text uses the html <pre> tags which formats text with a fixed-width font (usually Courier), 
and keeps both spaces      and 
line breaks.


Here is an example of the different ways you can format your text.

The coloured styles have names that may not match your intended use, but only provide the colour and border settings, so can be used wherever you wish. The three coloured styles shown below are:

  • pwa-primary (blue)
  • pwa-success (green)
  • pwa-maintenance (yellow)

Different ways you can format your text

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