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Numbering and Bullet styles

Numbering and Bullet Styles

Turn editing on

button to turn editing on

Go to any resource or activity and press the Edit (button to Edit an activity or resource) button. From the drop-down menu, select Edit Settings.

button to edit settings

From the Content block press the (The button used to create a bullet list.) for a Bullet list, and press the (Button for the number list) for a numbered list. 

The bullet and number lists are located here

There are multiple styles that can be used when creating numbered lists.

To use these numbering styles, go to the Styles drop-down menu and you will have 3 options to choose from:

The types of numbering styles that can be used

Alpha numbering: This numbering style presents the list using letters of the alphabet (a - z). 

Modelling and Animating

  1. Creating and animating simple objects 
  2. Creating and animating complex objects 
  3. Designing backgrounds and landscapes

Roman numbering: This numbering style presents the list using roman numerals. For Example:

Games Theory

  1. Learning about video games through the study of video games
  2. The importance of debating prevalent issues surrounding the culture of gaming.
  3. Gaming can be seen as a worthwhile leisurely and professional pursuit.

Nested Decimal numbering: This style presents the list in standard numbers, but when indenting to create a list within a list. The numbers will appear in a decimal format. For Example:

Games Practical

  1. Combining the knowledge of:
    1. Programming/Coding
    2. Modelling and Animation
    3. Theoretical Knowledge
  2. Creating the game requires the general knowledge of
    1. Plot
    2. Setting
    3. Aesthetics (what audience are you creating the game for?)
    4. Mechanics (How will everything in the game work?)

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