Text Editor - Formatting Text 2.9

Formatting Text

Maximising the Editor window

Turn editing on

button to turn editing on

choose any existing resource or activity and click on the Edit (button to Edit an activity or resourcebutton and choose Edit Settings from the drop-down menu. 

button to edit settings

In the Content block of the Editor window. Press the Toggle full screen mode button (button to toggle full-screen mode in the editor window) to maximise the size of the content editor window.

Location of the button to maximize the content window

Toggling full-screen mode causes the content window to fill the entire screen. During this mode, only the content block that you are currently editing will be visible.

a full-screen view of a maximised content window

You can close the full screen view by pressing the Toggle full screen mode (button to toggle full-screen mode in the editor windowagain.

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