Text Editor - Formatting Text 2.9

Formatting Text

Code window

Turn editing on

button to turn editing on

Go to any existing activity or resource and press the Edit (button to Edit an activity or resourcebutton and then select Edit Settings from the drop-down menu. 

button to edit settings

In the content block press the Edit HTML source button (button to turn on the HTML Editor) to bring up the coding page.

The HTML editor is located here

The HTML source editor will appear as a pop-up. This will enable you to adjust the code alter the layout, font size and formatting of the text. Here is an example of HTML source code.

An example of HTML source code

Once you have finished editing the code from the HTML Source Editor, press the Update button to apply any changes you have made. If you would like to try your hand doing some coding yourself, please visit www.w3schools.com to examine different tutorials and challenges related to web-based coding.

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