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Adding a URL

Adding a URL hyperlink

Follow these steps in order to add a URL to an existing resource (such as a page) or to a topic on the course page. 

Edit topic or resource settings

For a topic click on the 'Edit summary' cog symbol in the topic you wish to add the hyperlink to: Edit summary

For a resource click on the 'Edit' drop-down menu to the right of the course resource > Edit settings

  1. Inside the resource content section or topic summary, either type word(s) to link to or highlight the existing word(s) you wish to attach a URL to; for this example we are going to create a link to the Student Support Services page.
  2. Type Student Support Services
  3. In another browser window/tab go to eCampus For students > Support Services
  4. Either right-click on the highlighted URL at the top of the page and "copy" or highlight the URL or press <CTRL>C to copy to clipboard.

Support Services

  1. Return to the window you are adding the hyperlink to and highlight the words to link to (e.g. Student Support Services)
  2. Press the 'Insert/Edit link' symbol represent by a closed chain.   Closed Chain (Insert/Edit link)
  3. A dialog appears as shown below. Paste (<CTRL>V) the website URL into the 'Link URL' text box
    Link to Student Support
  4. Type in a Title for the URL
  5. Set Target to Open in a new window
  6. Click the [Insert] button at the bottom of the dialog.

The result of adding the link should be that you taken to the Student Support Services as demonstrated here.

Please note:

It is recommended that you set the target to open in a new window. This will avoid students accidentally closing their eCampus course when closing the URL.

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