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Creating questions

There are two ways you can create questions in eCampus:

  • Adding questions straight into a Question Bank*
    *Preferred option
  • Adding a new Quiz to a course and then selecting [Edit quiz] 

Questions are best created in a Question Bank. A Question bank can be specific to one course or it may be created at a category level that allows it to be accessed from multiple courses across a qualification. Under default conditions questions will only be available in the course you create them. The Question Bank may have more questions than used in Quizzes, allowing for a random selection of questions that ensures a different quiz experience for each student.

Working in the Question Bank helps you to concentrate simply on getting questions made, leaving the method of presenting those to the student (via the Quiz) as a separate task.

If you use the second method (creating questions in a quiz) then those questions are only available to that individual quiz. 

This help deals only with Creating questions. See Add a Quiz activity for help on creating quizzes, which are the interface between your questions and the student. See Add questions to quiz for help on how to place questions you have created into a selected quiz.

Please see sub-chapters in this book for information on Question Banks and how to create each Question type.

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