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Using Question Bank

Accessing your Question BankCourse Administration block

To access the Question Bank in any course follow these steps: 

  1. Open the course you wish to build questions in.
  2. Select Course Administration> Question Bank

The default area where you can build questions in the Question bank appears.

NB: If you have created sub-categories to file your questions by unit, element or performance criteria you need to select: 
Course Administration> Question Bank > Categories

From the Question bank you can:

  1. Create new questions
  2. View questions by sub-category by using the 'Select a category' droplist at the top of screen.
  3. Move questions within categories by ticking questions to move and choosing the required destination sub-category from the [Move to>>] droplist at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Delete questions by selecting them and then pressing [Delete] at bottom of screen.
  5. Import and Export questions into the Question bank (Course Administration block > Question bank > Import or Export)

Question bank

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