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Calculated questions

Calculated multichoice and simple

Calculated multichoice

A Calculated multichoice question varies from a Calculated question by including the formula in the answer choice. They use the same wildcards as Calculated questions and their wildcards can be shared with other Calculated multichoice or regular Calculated questions. 

The main difference is that text and the formula can be included in the answer choice as {=...}. 

An example calculated multichoice question

The question above reads "Calculate the area of a triangle where b = {A} cm and h = {B} cm"

The choices are then written as a formula as shown below with feedback.

A set of choices for calculated values

Another choice of calculated values

The choices above read:

Choice 1: The area of a triangle is {={A}*{B}/2}

Choice 2: The area of a triangle is {={A}*{B}/3}

Choice 3: The area of a triangle is {={A}*{B}}

Once you have finished writing your choices and feedback press Save Changes to move on to setting wildcards. If you would like to read more on setting the wildcards, please visit the sub-chapter Example Calculated Question

press this button to save changes to the question and move to next section

This is an example calculated multi-choice question.

and example calculated multichoice question

If you would like to read more on how to set up a calculated multichoice question, please visit the Calculated Multichoice Moodle page.

Calculated simple

A Calculated simple question varies from a Calculated question by offering a way to create individual numerical questions whose response is the result of a numerical formula. These contain variable numerical values by the use of wildcards (i.e {x} , {y}) that are substituted with random values when the quiz is taken.

The simple calculated questions offers the most used features of the calculated question with a much simpler creation interface.

an example simple calculated question

Unlike standard calculated and calculated multichoice, simple calculated wildcards are handled locally from the formula in the Answer panel. After entering the answer formula, the set the tolerance level and how the answer is displayed.  

adjusting the answer settings for the formula

When you have finished adjusting the answer panel, press the Find wildcards {x....} present in the correct answer formulas button.

press this button to find wildcards in the formula

Wildcard values will then be available to generate in the boxes below. You may set how many values to Generate for the question and then choose how many to Display as possible questions.

generating and displaying wildcards

Below are some example wildcard values

some example wildcards

Once you have finished. press Save changes.

Press this button to save changes and exit the question.

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