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Embedded answers (Cloze)

Formatting Cloze Questions

The format of a Cloze question can appear in the following forms. These are known as sub-questions.

  • Short Answer, case is unimportant (entered as: SHORTANSWER or SA or MW)
  • Short Answer, case matching (entered as: SHORTANSWER_C or SAC or MWC)
  • Numerical (entered as: NUMERICAL or NM) 
  • Multiple choice, drop-down menu format (entered as: MULTICHOICE or MC)
  • Multiple choice, vertical column format (entered as: MULTICHOICE_V or MCV)
  • Multiple choice, horizontal row format (entered as MULTICHOICE_H or MCH)

The structure of all sub-questions contains the following common syntax elements.

  • is the opening bracket of a sub-question
  • defines the grade assigned to the question and is used for grading calculations i.e the question is worth 1 mark
  • :SHORTANSWER: is the type of sub-question defined by the cloze
  • %100% is the (optional) percentage of the grade being given to the sub-question
  • is a separator between answer options.
  • marks a correct answer
  • marks an (optional) feedback message
  • is the closing bracket of a sub-question

This an example of a simple short answer question:

The country of Germany shares a border with Poland {1:SHORTANSWER_C:=Czech Republic} and {1:SHORTANSWER_C:=Austria}

This is the resulting question as it would appear on the quiz page:

An example of a short answer cloze question

This is an example of a multiple choice question.

Which of these countries did Hitler first invade after signing the Warsaw Pact of 1939: {1:MCV:%50%Warsaw#No, this was not an invaded country but it was a city in the invaded country~%100%Poland#yes, that is correct~Austria#Nope, this was not the country}

This is how the question would appear on the quiz page.

An example multiple choice question

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