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Essay questions

Previewing and Grading Essay Questions

Preview an essay question

To preview the question, click on the magnifying glass icon(Icon for previewing a resource or activity)

Where to find the preview icon

A pop up screen will appear and the student can type in their responses, depending on the settings. (Recommend students submit essay as a word document rather than use this feature).

Previewing an essay question

Depending on the essay settings, students can drag and drop files into this area, instead of responding online. (Recommend students submit their essay as a word document).

Area to drag and drop files

Start again: restart the question

Save: will save your response as a draft

Fill in correct response: Will fill in the correct response for the question (does not work for Essay Questions)

Submit and finish: Submits the answer and finishes the attempt at the question.

Close preview: Returns you to the quiz.

Options when previewing a question

Technical information: reports on the settings and provides a summary report of the question.

Technical Information about an essay

Change options

Offers you the opportunity to change the feedback settings for the question.

How questions behave: (see notes on "Quiz Settings" for further information).

The default setting is Deferred feedback.

Options for how quiz questions behave

If you have made any changes, click Start again with these options. 

button for starting again with new options

Marking essay questions

Essay questions require you to enter a manual feedback after the student has provided a response.

You can do this: One by one via the Quiz Attempts page.

Click on the quiz in your course page Essay Quiz activity

Click on the Attempts link.

Essay attempt preview

Options when reporting on an essay attempt

One the quiz Attempts page, click on the Requires grading link. This will take you to the student's quiz response page.

One the student's quiz response page, click on the Make comment or override mark to grade the essay.

A student's essay quiz respnse

In the Comment and Mark fields, enter your feedback and the required mark.

Where to comment and mark an essay question

Click Save when finished

a teacher's response history

The grade will be displayed in the Response history. 

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