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Drag & Drop Questions

Example Drag and Drop Question

Drag & Drop Onto Image

Images or text labels are dragged and dropped into drop zones on a background image.settings for the drag and drop question

The text above reads "Match the place to the following seven continents"

To facilitate the drag and drop question I choose to upload a background image of a world map.

Background image of a world map

After I chose the background image, I had to set the items to drag. This can be done in the Draggable items box. The Draggable items box allows you set items to drag onto the background as either an image, which must be provided through external sources, or draggable text. Draggable text enables a space for the user to insert text and a box for the text will automatically be created.  

Setting the items that can be dragged on the background

Once you have set the items to drag, you must then set where the items must be dragged. You can do this in the Drop Zone box. To set the drop zone you must first set the image or text you wish to create the drop zone for. 

Setting the draggable items to create drop zones for

Once I have set the items I am creating drop zones for, I can then drag and drop the items where I want the answers to be located.

setting the drop zones for the answers

When you have finished setting the drop zones, press the Save changes button. 

Press this button to save changes and exit the question.

This is what the quiz question will look like without and with the drop zones filled in respectively.

The background with the drop zones not filled.

The drop zones have been filled in                                    

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