Using the Check list plugin 2.9

1 Creating a checklist

1.3 Automatic checklist creation

Using the automatic checklist creation will automate which activities and resources need an action performed. It can be set to either automate a section or the whole course.

Turn editing on

button to turn editing on

Click on the edit icon (Button to open book editing options) next to the checklist activity.

 Edit dropbox with Edit Settings highlighted

In the checklist activity, go to the Edit settings option.

Set Users can add their own items to No - (Unless you would like students to customise the list after it's automated).

the process of a creating an automatic checklist

You may choose to automate the checklist for topic/section of the course, or you can choose to automate the checklist for the entire course. For this example we are choosing automate only a section of the course.

choosing to create a checklist for only the current section

When you are finished, press Save and return to course 

where to find the Save and Return button

When viewing the checklist afterwards, it will look like this:

previewing the activity checklist

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