Using the Check list plugin 2.9

1 Creating a checklist

1.4 Manual checklist creation

Manual checklist create gives the user the ability to create their own checklists.

Turn editing on 

button to turn editing on

Click on the edit icon (Button to open book editing options) next to the checklist activity.

 Edit drop dropbox with Edit Settings highlighted

In the checklist activity go to the Edit settings > Users can add their own items > Yes.

Allowing users to add their own checklist items in settings 


Then select Show course modules in checklist > No

option to show course modules set to 'No'

When you are finished, press Save and return to course 

button to save and return to course

Click on the checklist activity, then press the Edit Checklist tab to create your own checklist. Write the name into the text box and then press Add.

type in the name of the item then press 'Add'

The image below illustrates items that have been manually entered.

a series of items added to the checklist

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