Using the Check list plugin 2.9

2 Using the checklist

2.2 Manual ticking checklist

Having a manual ticking checklist allows the student and/or teacher to take control over their own progress through a checklist.

Turn editing on

button to turn editing on

Click on the edit icon (Button to open book editing options) next to the checklist activity.

 Edit drop dropbox with Edit Settings highlighted

In the checklist activity, go to Edit settings > Check-off when modules complete > Yes, can override.

This option allows users to override an automatic checklist mark

When you are finished, press Save and return to course 

button to save and return to course

When in the student view. The tick boxes that were hollowed out in the previous chapter are now clearly outlined, meaning that the mark for the checklist can be overridden.

A checklist that can be marked manually

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