Electronic note taking on a PDF workbook

2 Adobe Reader®

2.2 Using Reader on a PC/Laptop

Using the Adobe Reader® software program

When you open a document in Adobe Reader there should be a Menu and Toolbar displayed along the top of the screen similar to the image below.

Default Adobe Reader Menu and Toolbar

To add annotations to your document you need to turn on the Comments pane. To do this pick the [Comment] button at the far right of the Adobe Reader Toolbar. Adobe Reader Comment Pane

A pane (as shown) will open along the right hand side that allows you to use Annotation, Drawing Markup and Comments List tools.

Sticky Notes are similar to Microsoft Word comments - only the yellow balloon remains visible on the document, but clicking it displays the comment you added.

The highlighter tool lets you 'pick and drag' over any text you want highlighted.

Type Text lets you type onto the page to add information, such as the answer to an activity. The Text box tool actually draws a box with a solid background and allows you to type into it, so good for putting notes over the top of existing content.

The Eraser only 'runs out' annotations you have added to the PDF - it won't rub out original content.

Below are some examples.

Sticky Note

When you create a Sticky Note it places a yellow icon on the page, of a speech balloon. Clicking the yellow 'speech balloon' makes the comment box appear, where you can add and edit text. There are other options on the drop-down arrow at the top-left of the box.

Adobe Reader Sticky-note


Clicking on the pencil will allow you to freehand draw anywhere on the PDF document, as shown below in red. If you draw something you don't mean to either Undo or use the Eraser tool to 'rub out' the part you don't want.

Freehand tool

Text box & add text

Using the Text box tool allows you to draw a box of any size and then type inside it. The ordinary text tool simply lets you click on the page and type. See below an example of both.

Adobe example of text box and add text

ImportantNOTE: Remember to press the Save icon (or File>Save) to save your annotations.

You will have to have a locally saved copy to be able to do this - you can't save edits made to a PDF that is still in eCampus.

Using fields to fill in a Workbook or form

Your lecturer may have set up fields in a workbook for you to type answers into. If there are fields in the document an "Alert" will appear along the top of the PDF document when you open it, as shown below.

Adobe Form with fields to fill in.

As long as you have the [Highlight Existing Fields] button pressed in it will be easy to see and move between the fields you need to type into. Below is an example of a highlighted field. Simply click in the blue box and type in your answer.

Adobe example of a highlighted field.

NOTE: The Adobe Reader® website has additional help and information.

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