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Setting up your mobile device

Taking Photos Audio or Video

Do you need to submit photos, video or audio as apart of an assignment? Using the Moodle Mobile application you can take record these media types on your phone or tablet and have it uploaded into your private files on eCampus. When you go to submit your assignment, you will be able to select these photos from your private files and submit them.

My files Mobile appEnter the Moodle Mobile application and click on My files

My private files > and optionally Site files appear to choose from. To record / access media from your device choose My private files >

A new screen appears which shows any files that you may already have in the My private files area.
Shows contents of Private Files on eCampus

My private files is unique to each person so only you can access the files that are stored there. To manage and/or delete files from this area you need to log on to the eCampus website, select Student Help and scroll down to My private files.

Access My Private files from eCampus website


  • access existing photos
  • take photos
  • record audio
  • record video

Upload a file from mobile deviceClick the large white + symbol at the top right. A new screen will appear.

Photo albums: gives you access to existing images

Camera: activates the devices camera

Audio: activates the devices audio recorder

Video: activates the devices video recorder

File: only available to android devices, allows uploading of previously recorded data.

You will be given the option to save or discard media that you record. Below is an example of a photograph with "accept" "retake" options shown.

Accept or reject photo

Once the media is accepted it will automatically be uploaded to your My private files area. A success message will display to let you know once successfully completed.

Successful upload

NOTE: There are size limitations on eCampus. If the file is greater than 15 mb it will not upload.

To see the photo uploaded on eCampus you need to access your "My Private Files" space. You can manage files here, deleting them, renaming them and downloading them.

NB: You must be logged in to access your Private File space.

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