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Setting up your mobile device

When you open Moodle Mobile for the first time this is what you will see:

Set Up Moodle to connect to eCampus

To set up your Mobile Moodle you will need to enter the site URL for the South Metropolitan TAFE online learning website which is: 

NOTE: You do not need to enter the http:// prefix

Click [  Connect!  ] below where you typed the site name.

Set Up Moodle to connect to eCampus

Please check that you have entered the site URL correctly.

You will then come to this screen:

Enter in your eCampus username and password. Please ensure these are entered in correctly.

Click [   Login!  ]


Once your account has authenticated you will be directed to the logged in screen:

My home screen

Here is where you may use all the available functions such as:

My courses: see all courses you are enrolled in.

Front page: view the front page with site news and forums

Calendar events: view any current event from the calendars in any course you are enrolled in

My files: access photos, take photos, record audio and record video on your mobile device. Once selected the media will be automatically uploaded to your "Private files" area on eCampus. 

Website: starts your devices web browser and takes you to the eCampus website to log in (rather than using the app)

Help: directs you to the website where help files on any aspect of the Moodle LMS (which eCampus uses) can be found.

App settings: allows you to set the language, check space used, clear caches and check which version the app is.

Change site: can be used to make more connections to Moodle sites - usually only used if you have two accounts on eCampus or if you are also studying somewhere else that uses the Moodle LMS.

Your login details are saved so you do not have to enter your details again. Next time you start the Mobile Moodle app you will be placed wherever you last were in the App.

As Moodle Mobile stays logged in, for security purposes you should make sure you have either a PIN or fingerprint swype set up for accessing your mobile device.

Your login details are the same for computers on South Metropolitan TAFE campuses, eCampus , My Tech, Student Portal and Office 365 so remember if you reset your password all these logins will also change.

 If you have forgotten your password, click on the Lost password? link to reset your password.

Please refer to the Password Manager instructions on how to do this.

NB: There is more information on the app available at Moodle docs.

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