Your Originality Report

Once you receive your report you can either continue to submit it for marking, or decide what you need to change, edit your original and [Edit submission] to upload the modified assignment.

Remember, your report should find matches on the Internet if you are writing about anything that contains factual information. This means your originality score should not be 0% as that would mean you had not used any recognized sources for your work. A match is only a bad thing where you have not correctly referenced where you sourced the information from or if the majority of your work is referenced, meaning you have added no interpretation or opinion of your own.

The report will highlight in different colours those passages that it has matched on the Internet, in published journals or found already submitted by another student. On the right side column, the sources of the copied material are listed (colour coded to match the highlighted text). Note that Turnitin may match a passage to more than one website as information may be replicated on multiple websites. This means it may flag a section of your work as matching a website you have never visited. What is vital is that you have properly referenced where you have got the information from. Do NOT change your references to match the first site Turnitin locates it on - always reference correctly. You can ask your lecturer for help with this. 

Turnitin Report

If you want to compare your text with the matching source you can click on the highlighted passage or on the source listed in the right-hand column. The passage highlighted in red gives no indication of a source but matches a published text. (see circled figure.) This needs to be either paraphrased or changed into a quotation by adding quotation marks and appropriate in-text reference.

Turnitin Report 2

You can also click on “full source text” in order to see the entire article that has the matching phrase or look at it in its original online format.

Turnitin Report 3

Print, download, change

If your Originality Report indicated you have copied material from published sources that haven't been referenced correctly you have an opportunity to print and/or download the report and make the necessary changes by paraphrasing and referencing the original texts.

Turnitin Report 4

Please note: Most units will allow students to upload their assignments to Turnitin multiple times prior to the final submission date. You should use this opportunity by submitting your work well in advance of the assignment due date so that you have a chance to correct and change any passages that have been matched. Then you can re-upload as often as it takes to recheck all work is either paraphrased or referenced correctly.

In some (particularly Higher Education) courses lecturers will only allow you to see the Originality report after you have done your final submission. In these cases you may have no opportunity to correct your work. Your conditions of assessment should explain this for you.

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