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instumentation course whats going on?

instumentation course whats going on?
by ANTHONY KOPPERS - Sunday, 13 July 2014, 8:25 AM

I cant use me email to ask questions access denied

cant use video lectures as nothing happens, work book provided doesn't explain enough of subject to answer quiz questions,combined with lectures it just possible

only have every second sunday off to get into this course and its never working when I need it to be, very dissapointed

cant download windows 8.1 version, wont do it, access denied. version 6 and 7 does not correspond with instructions in work book.

ive just about had enough but need to get this course completed or the money will be wasted

has anybody got any clues for

Sue Dowson
Re: instumentation course whats going on?
by Sue Dowson - Monday, 14 July 2014, 8:53 AM

Hi Anthony

Sorry to hear of your frustrations. For viewing Videos please follow the new instructions at the top of your course. You can pick this link to go to them:

ClickView is a 3rd Party Product and appears to have recently altered how it is being accessed. These new instructions will provide access to all videos in the course.

I am not sure what you mean about having access denied for emails? For technical assistance with eCampus courses you should email This is a Helpdesk account that is monitored Mon-Fri for normal working hours. Currently Lecturers are on designated leave until the 21st of July so they will not be responding to emails. Similarly, creating a post on this Forum does relay an email notification to elearning.heldpesk also, so by all means feel welcome to post more here if you need technical help.

Regarding Unity Pro, Ron's instructions do state:

Working on the PLCs at the College is optional. You can complete this part of the course on your own computer; however, this has its problems. You will be able to enter the programs and you will be able to test your programs, butonly in simulation mode.You may find that you need to come into the lab and use the PLC there. You might find that if you start the PLC section at the College you will be able to complete it on your computer away from the College.

While this is of little use while the Lecturers are away, and it sounds like you have limited time available to study, when your Lecturer has returned to work I would discuss with him if a way can be negotiated for you to come in and at least start the Unity Pro work on Campus. We use Windows 7 PCs so you don't need Windows 8 to use it. The Lecturer can also probably provide an older version of the Workbook to match your version of Operating system.

I will forward this information to the Lecturers of the Instrumentation Course for them to respond to on their return to work.

kind regards

Sue Dowson

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