The text in my course is too big/small. Can I make it smaller/bigger?

Resize your screen

You may find the text for your course is too large or too small to read. This can be fixed by decreasing or increasing your screen's viewing size.

An easy way to adjust your screen size if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse is to hold down the <CTRL> key on your keyboard, and scroll up or down to increase or decrease viewing size.

If you do not have a scroll wheel on your mouse instead try holding <CTRL> key on your keyboard with one finger, and pressing the + and - signs with another. This will increase and decrease your display.

Reset screen size

An easy way to check that your Web browser is displaying a web site at it's intended size is to, on the keyboard, hold down the <CTRL> key and press the number 0.

Not enough screen size

Depending on the technology you are using to view your online course, you may feel that too much room is being taken up by menus or the optional blocks that can be displayed in our learning environment.

If you are using a Web browser that has menus and toolbars displayed at the top of the screen you can toggle their display off by entering Full screen mode. This is done by clicking anywhere in the website viewing area (preferably a blank area) and pressing the <F11> key from your Function Key list at the top of your keyboard. Pressing <F11> again will turn the menus and toolbars back on.

Dock or undock blocks

In the Navigation tutorial, instructions are provided for how to both undock and dock the blocks that are displayed around the content of your course. Simply docking blocks can give you much more reading space.

'Toggle layout' button

The 'toggle layout' button at the top right of the screen allows you to dock all the blocks in one go. Clicking the button once will dock all the right-hand column's blocks (if any), clicking it again will dock all the left-hand column's blocks (if any), and finally clicking it again will return them to their original positions.

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